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Simple, Strong, Secure, and Cost Effective

The Figure 8 FlatWire Sternal Closure System has been specifically developed to replace common steel wire in primary sternal closure. It comes as a peel pack units which contain 5 single stainless steel devices or 2 X devices. A reusable aluminum tensioning device is provided to the surgeon. A standard needle driver and wire cutters are also used on the application or removal of the devices. Our quick on and quick off design will give you confidence in case of emergent reentry.

FlatWire Instructional Animation

This comprehensive animation has been developed to assist the surgeon to properly place the Figure 8 FlatWire. Each device is placed in a similar fashion to steel wire. The devices are reversible until the ends are twisted. Removal is very fast, simple and uses standard wire cutters.

FlatWire Instructional Animation

This video has been produced to demonstrate the placement of the FlatWire Sternal System as a primary replacement to wire. The tensioning tool is able to bring the sternal halves together without the need for a tenaculum.

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