FlatWire: Side by Side Comparison

The superior strength of the Figure 8 FlatWire verses standard steel wire. The Figure 8 is superior in Cephalad /Caudal Distraction as well as Lateral Distraction Forces.

FlatWire: Rigidity

Rigidity is critical when repairing bone that has been fractured or cut. Separation of the bone 2mm or greater can lead to non-union and increase potential for pain and infection. FlatWire is not only stronger but more rigid in its resistance to lateral separation of the sternal halves.

FlatWire: Bone Cut-Through

Many patients that end up having open heart surgery have osteoporosis or poor bone quality. The narrow footprint of standard wire is more prone to cut into this weak bone than the wider FlatWire.

FlatWire has been shown to have 40% less cut-through into the bone than traditional steel wire.

FlatWire shows no cut-through at 60lbs of force

Steel Wire cuts

through bone at 60lbs of force