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The Figure 8 FlatWire is an FDA cleared, simple, strong, and cost effective system. It was specifically developed to replace simple steel wire for primary sternal closure following open heart surgery. Figure 8 FlatWire combines the technical simplicity of wire cerclage with innate engineering to deliver superior multi-vector stability and ease of placement.

Hear what our patients have to say.

Dr. Fidler, an orthopedic surgeon, liked the concept of FlatWire so much he elected to have them used to close his sternum after open heart surgery. He understands the importance of bone stability to healing and reduced postoperative pain. To read more about FlatWire click the link below.

Robert has had both standard steel wires as well as Figure 8 FlatWire. He could tell the difference in the stability right away. Flatwire is more stable than traditional steel wire. Click the link to see more on the strength of Flatwire.

Contact us to learn more about Figure 8 and the FlatWire Sternal Closure System

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